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Surfing in Morocco: Definitive guide to organize a surf trip

Surfing in Morocco: Definitive Guide to Best Beaches to Surf

There are 1835 kilometres of coastline in Morocco with beautiful beaches which makes Surfing in Morocco a truly amazing experience for surfers from around the world.

In this article, we’ll discuss about the best beaches to surf in Moracco.

Morocco is split into three main surfing regions

  • The region to the north, from Tangier to Essaouira.
  • The region to the south, from Essaouira to Western Sahara.
  • Since the Agadir Region or Taghazout area has the greatest waves in the nation and is more wind-protected, consistent, and easily accessible.

Best Surfing Sports in Morocco

  • The majority of well-known waves are found in the Agadir area due to it distinctive orography.
  • The two most well-known waves in Morocco, “Draculas” and “Boilers,” are found near Cape Ghir.
  • Agadir or Marrakech are other major surfing spots if you have less time.

Surf in Imsouane

It is unnecessary to introduce the world-famous Magic Bay of Imsouane for Surfing in Morocco. Whether you are a novice, intermediate, or experienced surfer, the Magic Bay wave is perfect for you.

  • The right-hander wave in Morocco’s Magic Bay, which never ends. On its best days, it can break on 700 meters from the harbor’s jetty.
  • The right-hander wave at the cathedral, which may get forceful with large surges, is perfect for thrill seekers.
  • Beachbreaks to the right and left of the Oued, which occasionally connect with the peak of the Cathedral wave.
  • The reef left-hander wave is good for training in shallower circumstances when the waves are modest. It is shallow and difficult on large swells.

Surf in Tamri

  • At the mouth of a river that creates natural lagoons lies Tamri Beach.
  • It is a very reliable beachbreak that performs best in calm waters.
  • Easterly breezes are prevalent offshore.
  • The best swell angle is from the northwest.
  • Groundswells are the main source of the surf in this area.
  • Ideal during low tide.
  • Even when the surf is up, it won’t likely be very crowded.

Surf in Taghazout

  • Anchor Point, Killer Point, and Misterys waves captivate surfers from around the globe.
  • Only recommended for intermediate or advanced surfers. Waves at Taghazout are not suggested for beginners as they are more difficult.
  • Beginner-friendly surfing beaches include Panorama in Taghazout.
  • If there is one drawback to Taghazout, it is that the consistency of the waves is limited to the winter months, when they are much more reliable.

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Surf in Tamraght

  • The majority of the waves in Tamraght are also approachable for beginners. There are plenty of waves that are difficult.
  • Banana Point is a prominent location close to Tamraght.
  • It is ideal for surfers who are moving up to the intermediate level.
  • Devil’s Rock and Crocro, both located about 5 minutes’ walk from Banana Beach, are other beaches that are excellent for novices.

Surf in Anza

  • It is without a doubt Morocco’s favorite surfing location.
  • The 2019 WSQ 5000 Taghazout Pro Bay championship used this beach as a backup.
  • Anza is a very adaptable location with a sandy beach that has grown to be one of the most popular beaches for surf camps and schools in the Taghazout and Tamraght region.
  • It consistently throws waves all year long and offers a variety of possibilities on the same beach.

Surf in Tifnit

  • Another gem for surfing in Morocco is Tifnit.
  • The waves are of excellent quality, but the scenery is rather hostile.
  • It is a place that needs a clear, calm swell in order to perform at its best.
  • Avoid this beach if the waves are high.


Looking at all these cool beaches and perfect places to surf it is no doubt Morocco is the new hip place to surf supplying you with top-notch waves, culture, hostile environments, and mouthwatering cuisine. You can too experience all this with Surf and Friends. Discover the finest experience Surfing in Tamraght, Morocco by making a reservation at Surf and Friends Lodge right away.