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Our Story & Values

Our story begins with two friends, who kept coming on surf trips to Taghazout and eventually decided to start Surf and Friends Lodge. We were up and running in 2019 and then…well, we all know the next part of the story. Finally, the Moroccan surf scene is recovering and we’re looking forward to hosting you.


We think that everyone is a friend or a potential friend. We work together as friends and that’s the vibe you’ll feel here. We love working together and seeing each other do their best.


We try our best in Morocco which can be a challenge. We use glass bottles instead of plastic and filter the water instead of using plastic bottles, and cook with local produce. New changes are happening every year and in 2023 we’re looking to install solar panels.


We hire locally. We work with local artists. We believe in giving back to the community that hosts our business. We’re part of the Moroccan Surf Federation and do projects with associations.


We love surfing. We’ve gone on road trips and surfed the whole Moroccan coastline. While we might not be pro surfers, we know how to have a good time and where to find the best spots. We believe you improve the most when you take off the pressure, and just enjoy surfing.

Team Members