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10 Tips to Improve Your Surfing

So you’ve had some surf lessons or maybe a mate taught you back home. You can catch a wave sometimes and stand up by not all the time… and you don’t really understand where you should be or what the rules of the lineup are. Great, we can help with that! At Surf and Friends Lodge, we know the local surf spots because we surf them all the time, so we’ve got you covered. Our surf coaches surf at a high level but they also know how to teach, and how to get you more confident in the water and catching those waves. We asked them and here are their best tips on how you can catch more waves and improve your surfing:

10 tips to improve your surfing for beginners

Take a lesson

Ok, so you might think this one is a bit too obvious but while you can learn how to surf on your own, taking a lesson from our certified surf coaches will help you improve faster, and make sure you’re not learning bad habits you’ll have to correct later on. In our surf lessons, you’ll learn proper surf techniques such as the correct technique to pop up, how to control your surfboard, and safety in the water.

Start small

Don’t try to tackle big waves right away. Begin by practicing on small, whitewater waves close to shore. These waves are easier to ride and will give you the chance to get comfortable on your board.

Practice makes perfect

The more you surf and the more often you surf, the better you’ll get. Don’t get put off if you can’t catch a wave by yourself on the first few tries, or if you wipe out. Surfing is about trying and trying some more. Everyone sucks at surfing when they start but with practice, you’ll begin to get the feel of it.

Learn how to safely fall off your board

This will give you more confidence no matter the surf spot or the surf conditions. You will fall off and even the pros get wiped out. When you fall off your board, land on your back or your side. Don’t dive head first and don’t jump off the board! Protect your head and ankles.

Perfect your paddle technique

Your paddling strength and technique are really important to help you catch waves and maintain speed. When you start surfing, it’s likely that the surf coach pushed you to help you catch the wave. But if you nail your paddling technique, you can catch them on your own and be more independent.

Sort out your popup

The popup is the most important move in surfing, and it should be fast so you can catch the wave at the right point. Our surf coaches will help you get rid of any bad habits like using your knees, so you can catch bigger, fast, and more powerful waves. Some great exercises are planks and burpees, so you can train your core, ready for your next surf trip.

Learn to read the waves

How can you get the right position and know which waves to go for? Learning to waves properly is essential for catching your own waves, and catching more waves. Summer is a great time for this because the waves are smaller so it’s tricker to see if they have enough power or not. Your surf coach will help you identify the size, shape, and direction of the wave. The more waves you catch, the more your surfing will improve.

Invest in the right equipment

There’s no point in using a surfboard that’s the wrong size or volume for you because you won’t catch any waves. Before you buy a surfboard, which can be a decent investment, try out different sizes and shapes and try to get to a stable level of surfing. Learn what types of surfboards will work for you in different surf conditions. The more waves you catch, the better you’ll be. Surf and Friends Lodge has a (surfboard) quiver with a range of soft tops, shortboards, and longboards – you can try some of ours before you click buy.

Know your limits

Practice and push yourself as much as you feel comfortable, but remember to have fun! And keep some strength left in your arms so you can get safely back to shore before you’re exhausted.

Join the surf community

Surfing is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. Join your local surf community to meet other like-minded people who share your passion for the sport. There are so many surfing communities around the world. Obviously, we like the Taghazout surf community in Morocco and how friendly everyone is. We’d love to introduce you.

So now you know how to catch more waves, become a more independent surfer, and how to improve your surfing, and feel confident in the water. Keep practising, and if you get discouraged, surf with friends who will cheer you on and support you.