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Riding the Waves: Finding the Best Moroccan Surfing Season with Surf and Friends

Riding the Waves: Finding the Best Moroccan Surfing Season with Surf and Friends

Join Surf and Friends for an extraordinary surfing trip where passion and smashing waves meet on the picturesque Taghazout, Morocco, shores. Many surfers ponder, “When is the best time to surf Morocco?” while the water beckons. Let’s see how the two contrasting seasons affect the surfing at Surf and Friends Lodge.

Best Time to Surf Morocco: A Surfer’s Riding the Waves

October To March: The Winter Season

Winter in Morocco is a refuge for surfers looking for the excitement of difficult waves when the temperatures drop and the Atlantic Ocean surges. It’s a spectacle of wave-riding joy, providing surfers of all abilities with a distinctive experience. Winter, which lasts from October to March, brings reliable swells, making it the perfect time for novices and expert surfers. The waves along the Moroccan coastline offer a thrilling ride as they transport the energy of the North Atlantic.


Our staff is committed to building a thriving community, we are prepared to guide you through the waves and make sure your surfing experience is one you won’t soon forget. During Morocco’s winter, embrace the cold air and the surfing community’s warmth.


Riding the Waves: Finding the Best Moroccan Surfing Season

June To September: The Summer Season

The summer surf season in Morocco ushers in a new surf experience as the winter waves bid farewell. We welcome you to surf under the warm Moroccan sun from June to September. Summertime provides smaller swells, making it the perfect time for beginners to try surfing for the first time. In the summer, the lodge becomes a retreat that provides a relaxed setting and ideal learning circumstances. Surf beginners can improve their technique on the calm waves while enjoying the stunning scenery of Tamraght and Agadir.


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We are the ideal vacation spot all year round, whether you’re an experienced surfer or a beginner. We are excited for the opportunity to welcome you to our surf hideaway as the Moroccan surf scene is reviving. Contact us at [email protected] or +212 619-269360 with questions or to make reservations. Surf and Friends welcome you to ride the waves and join our surfing community because the greatest seasons for surfing in Morocco are winter and summer. Discover the charm of the Moroccan coastline, where friendship, passion, and the rush of surfing coexist harmoniously.