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Thinking of Surfing? What’s the Learning Time?

Staring at the vast ocean, watching surfers glide effortlessly on waves…Do you dream of riding those swells? If you’re curious about surfing, you’re probably wondering: How long does it take to become a master wave-rider?




The truth is, it’s not a one-size-fits-all answer.


Many things matter—your experience with other sports, how much you practice, even your gear. Plus, everyone learns at their own speed, which makes it more interesting.


Our years of hosting enthusiastic novice surfers have granted us valuable insights. We’re excited to offer our perspective and tackle the common question: “How long does it take to learn surfing” ?


Physical Fitness


When it comes to learning anything, your fitness matters. People who are in better shape generally pick up surfing faster. Surfing demands upper body strength and endurance. If you’re not super fit, don’t worry—a suitable board, skilled instructors, and even a bit of yoga can help you progress swiftly.





 Past Experience

If you’ve tackled wakeboarding, skateboarding, or snowboarding, you’re in luck. Your experience with those activities provides a foundation for surfing. Balancing and coordinating on a board are familiar skills, and this can speed up your learning curve.


 Equipment Fit


Choosing the right gear matters more than you might think. A board that matches your size and a well-fitting wetsuit make a significant difference. Proper equipment minimizes the learning challenges and accelerates your progress. And don’t worry, our goal is to ensure you have the best equipment to match your needs, allowing you to focus on your progress.






Nature’s Role


Unlike many skills you can practice in a controlled environment, surfing hinges on the cooperation of an unpredictable partner: Mother Nature. The waves, wind, and conditions on any given day influence your ability to learn and progress. Learning to read and adapt to changing ocean dynamics becomes an integral part of your surfing education.


Here at Surf and Friends, we’ve got an edge. Our instructors possess invaluable local knowledge, allowing them to determine the optimal times and ideal spots for both beginners and pros. This means you’ll have expert guidance to navigate the ever-changing dance of the waves, ensuring a well-rounded surfing experience.




Last but not least is dedication. How determined are you to propel yourself into the world of surfing? If you’re truly passionate, obstacles won’t hinder you. You’ll carve out time and seize every opportunity to hit the waves. And rest assured, as you do, progress will become evident swiftly.



So, to summarize all the factors discussed and provide an answer to the question of how long it takes to learn surfing?




From our perspective, individuals who have never surfed before can expect to grasp the fundamentals—such as paddling for a wave, popping up, and riding straight—within just 1-2 surf lessons. Progressing to the Advanced Beginner stage, as previously mentioned, generally takes around one week of consistent surf lessons


With that in mind,we recommend our surf lessons as a way to fast-track your surfing experience. Secure your spot today and set off on your thrilling surfing journey with us.