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How to prepare for your surf and yoga holiday in a proper way

If you’re seeking an adventurous and fun activity that benefits your health, a surf and yoga holiday may be ideal. However, it’s essential to prepare for this type of vacation properly.

5 Key steps to plan your surf and yoga vacation

Familiarizing yourself

Including surfing and yoga in your daily routine is crucial to enhancing your overall health. Ensure that you dedicate sufficient time to become more familiar with both practices’ basic techniques, movements, and poses to help improve your strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

Prepare your body

Your body needs to be well prepared for the amount of physical activity and presence required for this type of experience. It’s of great significance to prioritize a well-rounded diet; thus, remember to appreciate the value of a balanced diet.

prepare for surf and yoga

Create a Routine

Make sure you develop a proper schedule, including waking up early, spending time outdoors, and enjoying nature. To ease into this new routine, schedule dedicated time for yoga practice and choose surfing locations suitable for your experience level.

Commitment and balance

To make progress, keep practicing regularly, but prioritize quality over quantity. Pay attention to what your body and mind require during each session. Remember to acknowledge and care for any limitations you may have.

Warming up

Before entering the water, you must warm up to avoid muscle pulls or body cramps. A warm-up of 10-15 minutes should be enough before entering.


It takes dedication, determination, and mindfulness to get the most out of a surf and yoga vacation. Make surfing and yoga regular parts of your routine to prepare yourself mentally, physically, and with the proper techniques. To avoid any injuries, remember to warm up before hitting the waves. Wish to enjoy a revitalizing adventure as you learn to balance yoga and surfing? Check out Surf And Friends to know how you can book one such holiday for yourself.