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Shopping, Souk El Had in Agadir

Guide to Successful Shopping at the Souk El Had in Agadir

A visit to Agadir’s world-renowned Souk El Had is in order whenever Taghazout’s waves aren’t cooperating. It’s the ideal opportunity to learn traditional Moroccan shopping techniques while also indulging in endless retail therapy. A speedy education is in your best interest to avoid becoming a tourist who was utterly conned. Fortunately, you have this handy reference to help you get started.

Transportation for Your Visit

A trip to the souk is usually offered by Surf Camp Taghazout every Wednesday, and occasionally Kamal will be kind enough to arrange for another trip over the weekend. When the weather is nice, you can just hail one of Taghazout’s many cabs.

Dressing for Your Visit

Regarding attire, feel free to rock a sleeveless blouse and short hot trousers all day long. The natives will have no trouble recognizing you as an authentic visitor, which will allow them to quickly invent new, fictitious pricing for all of their fantastic goods. Put on some clothes, though, if you want an authentic experience at prices that aren’t too far off from the real thing. Both sexes should wear long pants and a shirt or other sleeved garment.

Exploring the Souk El Had

There are eleven entrances to the market; all you have to do is choose one. Pick Doors 2 or 9. The former will take you straight to the produce market, and the latter will take you to the jewellery heaven. When you’re inside, it’s hard to remember where you were coming from and it’s overwhelming for most people. For this reason, it’s hard to resist the allure of the numerous Moroccans who will gladly pose as your “guide” at the entrances. Absolutely not! These tour guides, who pose as “official guides” but really just have shady buddies who they’ll bring you to their businesses, give you tea by force, and pressure you into buying their incredibly expensive wares. This is why politely declining offers is so important if you want to enjoy your time in the souk.

How To Shop?

Immerse yourself in the souk full of peanuts, wristbands, cell phones, and may other daily use items that are just a few of the many things you may get here. Rule number one: BARTER! Get a feel for the prices by striking up a conversation with a local Moroccan at the camp before you hit the souk. They will provide you with a solid estimate of the appropriate prices for the items you wish to purchase.

Whether you wish to enter a store or not is entirely up to you; if you prefer not to, simply disregard their presence and go on your way! Observing the stores frequented by locals and the prices they pay for goods is a useful strategy.


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Pick With Caution

Someone may offer you a cup of tea the moment you walk inside a store. While having tea with a Moroccan is an unforgettable experience due to their warm hospitality, keep in mind that they will likely expect you to purchase something when your tea is served, and it will be seen as impolite to depart without doing so. Because of this, you need to be picky about the stores you visit. Bring Time if you want to obtain the greatest bargain at a store. You can expect a cheaper rate the longer you take to decide. Being patient, persistent, and convincing is essential while bartering. Have faith in yourself. The salesperson will treat you more fairly and maybe give you a better deal if they think you’ve done your homework and aren’t just an ignorant, insecure tourist.

Compare Prices

Always keep in mind the going rate for the similar item in your home country. You can prove that you’re not a complete tourist and get some respect by learning the basic greetings and farewells in Berber or Arabic. However, having tea won’t stop you from leaving if the salesperson insists on an absurdly high price. Rest assured, there is a superior store conveniently located nearby, so you won’t have to worry about getting insulted on your way out.

What follows is a list of must-see attractions:

  1. Stock up on argan oil! Due to its extraordinary advantages, Agadir’s top export product is well-known over the globe. To put it simply, it is excellent for your health on all levels. It has multiple uses, including in the kitchen, on hair, and even against sun damage and wrinkles. It is gaining popularity globally, and Moroccans vouch for it. However, be wary because some stores sell synthetic argan oil. Be sure to observe the inhabitants and their sources of food. If you have five minutes, you should definitely check out the shop’s professional oil-making ladies. It’s quite fascinating!
  2. Amlou, a Nutella-like spread made with almonds, honey, and argan oil, is another fantastic item. Everywhere you go, you’ll see vendors peddling this delicious spread, and plenty of them will even give you a taste.
  3. The ladies among us should totally treat ourselves to the wonderful jewellery that is on sale! Accessorize yourself with vibrant bangles and necklaces—the epitome of a charming hippy style! Even the most refined women can get excellent bargains on genuine gold and silver. Go to one of the authorized jewellery stores near door 9 that have established rates per gram of gold or silver to ensure you are getting the real deal. In order to verify its authenticity, you should always request a silver and gold test.
  4. Some leather goods are also essential purchases. One of the leather shops has fantastic shoes and purses made of leather with lovely traditional patterns. They are truly unique and would be a wonderful memento to take back with you.
  5. Candles, mirrors, tajines, lamps, and a plethora of other amazing oriental items abound throughout the souk. You should just take your wallet on a shopping binge and see how much you can bring back on the airline.
  6. Indulge with some delicious meals. You can get better and cheaper fruit, nuts, pastries, olives, and vegetables in Morocco! It would be amiss of you not to pick up a few luscious oranges, a box of sugary biscuits, and a few fragrant strawberries. Saffron is a great investment, but be wary of deals that seem too good to be true.

You will be completely drained once you finish shopping. Anyone who isn’t Moroccan will get sapped dry by bartering. Soak up some rays with an avocado smoothie and a sandwich at the incredible fruit bar in the souk, which boasts a hidden rooftop terrace, and round off your adventure while taking in views of Agadir.

If you manage to return to Taghazout before the time runs out, that is. Just ask about and the helpful Moroccans will show you the route.