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5 Must-Have Items to Bring on Your Morocco Retreat

Morocco is a spectacular country located in North Africa. It generally has a tropical climate. Morocco is on every traveller’s bucket list as the landscape and scenery there are breathtaking. Tourists can find an assortment of epic activities to do while staying in Morocco, like surfing. But being a predominantly Muslim country, you can always get confused between the outfits to wear and things to carry on the beaches. In this blog, let us explain the must-have items for a surfing enthusiast when you are travelling to Morocco.


You will need an apt, comfortable swimsuit that looks stunning and will make you feel at ease while performing strenuous activities like surfing, jet skiing, and scuba diving. Apart from this, carry with you some cosy warm clothes to change into at night when it gets slightly cool, especially after an adventurous surf.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are a crucial item to pack while you are travelling to Morocco, as it feels breezy and warm even in cold-stricken months like December! You can wear flip-flops, toe-open shoes, or sandals by the beach while relaxing and retreating.

Summer Must-Haves

Because it is naturally a warm country, you need to have accessories like sunglasses, hats, caps, scarves and sunscreen to protect from the extreme UV rays while surfing. Sunscreen is a must when it comes to surfing; lather yourself with layers of sunscreen before you jump into the water because it can get really rough with the sun there!

Tissues and Toiletries

Public toilets in Morocco usually do not have the optimum toiletries. So it would be better if everyone, especially women, carried all the necessary personal care products like tissues, sanitizers, wet wipes, etc. It would help if you also carried a hair protector or a leave-on hair conditioner so that you can protect your hair.


Over-the-counter medicines are a must when it comes to travelling to a new country. Medicines for pain relief, food poisoning, infection, motion sickness, and seasickness are a must. Also, you must have a hydration packet or an ORS solution so as to ensure proper hydration.


If you are a surfing enthusiast looking for travel assistance in a breathtaking location like Morocco, then visit surf and friends to get peers who can swim and surf through the beaches of Morocco with you.