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What Are Square Waves? And Are They Dangerous for Surfers?

What Are Square Waves? And Are They Dangerous for Surfers?

Square waves, also known as cross-sea waves, are a sublime sight to view. However, the surfers and swimmers must be careful if they encounter a square wave.

What are Square Waves?

Square Waves surfing


When different waves coming from different weather conditions meet at a right angle, a huge square wave is formed in the sea or ocean. These waves are also well known as cross waves, as various waves from distinct climates cross each other and meet at an angle. To better understand it, visualize two waves coming from different directions and forming a larger peak after they merge. This block-like wave, which is formed, is called a square wave. These can be recurrently spotted in oceans.

Why are Square Waves Dangerous?

The square waves are dangerous because they are more powerful than regular waves. Since they are formed by the coming together of two opposite waves, their culmination makes an even stronger current, which can be risky for the swimmers and surfers in the sea.



Can surfing be safely done on square waves?


The thoughts on this common question are mixed. While some say that square waves are highly dangerous and that surfers should immediately move out of the sea after spotting a square wave, some believe that everything depends on the intensity of the wave. For years, surfers have been surfing in the square waves. All you need is the perfect skill to cross these waves and to determine whether they are small and manageable to surf or tremendous. If it is the latter, then precautions need to be taken.


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Massive square waves have been a major cause of many shipwrecks and other sea disasters. However, when the square waves reach the shore, their power reduces, and they are not scary. Whenever you are in the ocean, ensure your safety first, and do not enter deep waves you are unsure about. If you are planning your next surfing trip with your friends or want to know more about surfing, contact Surf and Friends today!