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Top 5 surf spots in Morocco

Top 5 surf spots in Morocco

There are 1835 kilometres of coastline in Morocco. Consider the variety of waves that exist. Of course, it’s crucial that you are fully aware of all of her secrets in order to benefit from Surf spots in Morocco.

In this article, Surf and Friends provide you with instructions on how to plan your own surf trip, including details on the types of waves, surf gear, seasons, wave-reading tips and the best Surf spots in Morocco. Of course, we always advise going to one of the local surf camps if you have any reservations or would prefer that your trip is much more successful and you catch more waves securely.

5 Best Surf Spots in Morocco

Surfers Heaven

  • Morocco’s most well-known surfing locale is Taghazout.
  • Beginner-friendly surfing beaches include Panorama in Taghazout. Just in front of the village’s final rock breakwater, a sandy beach begins.
  • If there is one drawback to Taghazout, it is that the consistency of the waves is limited to the winter months, when they are much more reliable.
  • The first Australians and Americans were enthralled by the waves known as Anchor Point, Killer Point, or Misterys in the 1960s and 1970s. Please note that these waves are not suggested for beginners as they are more difficult and would only aid you if you are an intermediate or advanced surfer.
  • The town of Taghazout boasts surfers with a characteristic Moroccan ethnic mix in addition to its waves. After surfing some of its waves, go for a stroll and enjoy the streets’ bars and sunsets. If you enjoy skateboarding, you can drive up to a skatepark to catch an amazing sunset.

Get A Thrilling Surfing Experience In Imsouane

The main surfing region of Taghazout is 70 kilometres away from the fishing village of Imsouane. Here are the top two actions to take:

  • Waves along the bay’s extremely long right. It might be the wave of your dreams if you prefer longboarding, but if you prefer shortboarding, you can still get a lot of juice on good days. Using boards with higher volume and a keel adjusted to generate speed is advised. Everywhere the eye can see, the wave continues breaking after it begins in front of the fishing port. one of Morocco’s top surfing beaches for beginners.
  • While eating grilled fish, consider the bay. The fish in this area are the best in the region.

Adventurous Surfing in Tamri

  • A stunning beach may be found in Morocco between Imsouane and Taghazout.
  • Tamri Beach is located at the mouth of a river that forms natural lagoons.
  • It is a very reliable beachbreak that performs best in calm waters.

Yoga and Surfing in Tamraght

  • Tamraght is the newest yoga district in the nation.
  • Morocco is clearly a place to keep in mind if you’re searching for peace after a long day of surfing given the growing number of surf camps there that offer both surf and yoga services.
  • Several of the most well-known surfing beaches are a 15-minute walk from the village.
  • Banana Point, a prominent location close to Tamraght, is one. This could be the ride of your life.
  • It is ideal for surfers who are moving up to the intermediate level.

The World Famous Anza

  • That is without a doubt my favourite surfing location in Morocco.
  • The hamlet itself is very charming, with local eateries, cafes on the beach, and a developing surf scene.
  • Anza is a very adaptive place with some of the best waves in the country and a sandy beach that has grown to be one of the busiest beaches for surf camps and schools in the Taghazout and Tamraght area.
  • It may be argued that it is one of the best beginner surfing beaches in Morocco. On the same beach, it continuously delivers waves all year long and provides a variety of options.


Visit all these Surf spots in Morocco for an amazing surfing experience all throughout the year, supplying you with top-notch waves, culture, hostile environments, and mouthwatering cuisine. For a thrilling surfing experience in Morocco contact Surf and Friends now.