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Surf & Stretch: Yoga Essentials at Surf and Friends


Learn simple yoga poses to amp up your surfing game. These moves help with balance, flexibility, and strength—perfect for riding waves like a pro. From basic poses like Downward Dog to twists like Revolved Crescent Lunge, this guide makes yoga easy and beneficial for your surf routine.

Downward Dog – Paddle Out Style:

Initiate your yoga session with the Downward Dog pose. This foundational posture mirrors the motion of paddling out in surfing – extend your arms, gently release tension through subtle wiggling, and prepare yourself for the upcoming surf session. Maintain a sense of looseness and freedom in your movements to foster a relaxed and preparatory atmosphere.

Warrior III – Find Your Surf Stance:

Warrior III is your go-to move for surf stance practice. Stand tall, kick one leg back, and ride that imaginary wave. Feel the burn and get stoked!

Upward-Facing Dog – Channel the Wave Power:

Upward-Facing Dog enhances flexibility and openness. To perform, start face down, hands by chest, and inhale, lifting chest off the mat. Straighten arms, lift thighs, and roll shoulders back, feeling a stretch in the chest and abdomen. Hold, breathe, and gently release.

Revolved Crescent Lunge – Twist and Turn:

Revolved Crescent Lunge introduces a twisting element to enhance your practice. From a standard lunge, twist your torso as if winding up for a powerful turn on a surfboard. While in the pose, focus on controlled breathing and prepare for a smooth transition to the next movement.

Extended Triangle Pose – Reach for the Horizon:

Stretch it out with Extended Triangle Pose. Pretend you’re reaching for the horizon, feeling the sea breeze.

Crow Pose – Balance Like a Pro:

If you’re feeling adventurous, try Crow Pose. It’s all about balance – just like catching a wave. Lift those feet and find your sweet spot.


At Surf and Friends, we go beyond surfing by seamlessly integrating daily yoga sessions. Our carefully chosen yoga poses enhance surfers’ skills, focusing on balance, flexibility, and strength. Join us for a comprehensive surf and yoga program designed to elevate your overall experience, fostering a harmonious and fulfilling journey at our camp.