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Discovering Taghazout: Where the Magic Begins

In the 1960s and ’70s, surf pioneers from all corners of the globe stumbled upon the Moroccan coastline, and the buzz about epic waves and endless point breaks spread like wildfire.
As word spread about the excellent surf conditions in Morocco, surf tourism began to grow. Surfers from around the world started visiting coastal towns like Taghazout and Imousane to experience the waves and the unique culture.
Morocco also gained international recognition as a surf destination, attracting surfers, enthusiasts, and competitions. The country’s diverse coastline offers a range of surf spots suitable for surfers of different levels.

Taghazout: Where Waves and Culture Collide

Meet Taghazout, a cool village that’s like the heart of surfing in Morocco. It’s nestled between big mountains and the blue ocean, making it a super famous spot for surf lovers. Here, the waves are awesome for all kinds of surfers. They provide a fantastic backdrop for those in search of an ideal surfing spot. Offering surfers a variety of surf breaks, from gnarly point breaks for advanced surfers, to mellow long waves more suitable for beginners. Taghazout’s got it all. The sunsets here are legendary, painting the sky with breathtaking golden tones, creating a paradise for surfers.

Tamraght: The Hidden Gem of Moroccan Surf

Not far along the coast is Tamraght, a hidden gem that goes hand in hand with Taghazout’s surf vibes. It’s like a chill spot for folks wanting a break from the busy stuff. Tamraght is all about peace and gives surfers a cool place to recharge before getting back to riding the waves.

Surf Lessons: Learn to Ride the Waves

As mentioned earlier, Taghazout and its nearby breaks are welcoming to all, not just the pros. If you’re new to surfing, no need to worry! Our experienced surf instructors at Surf & Friends Lodge are here to assist you. They’ll walk you through the basics – from standing on the board to reading the waves. With their guidance, you’ll be riding the Moroccan waves with confidence in no time. 

Surf & Friends Lodge : Your Home Away from Home

Our Surf camp is where surf dreams come true. With skilled instructors ready to guide you, you’re in for a Moroccan surf adventure like no other.

So, why choose Surf and Friends Lodge? It’s more than just surfing; we offer a taste of local culture too. Explore lively markets, enjoy local food, and soak in the stories of Morocco’s history from the desert winds. The vibrant colors, spice-filled air, and friendly people make it a complete experience that adds to the fun of riding the waves.—A whole package that complements the thrill of the waves.